Triskeli Coniston End 2 End  Events

Swim Distance: 5.25 miles.

Cost: £75

Swimmers per event: 12

Full safety cover provided with kayakers, boat and land crew.

Feed stations: Jelly Babies & fluids throughout route.

Souvenirs: Medal & Embroidered badge, Photos of you swimming uploaded via Triskeli Swims social media platforms.


We have 3 Different Swim Speeds and dates.

1. Steady Swim

Swim Speed: 45 to 60 minutes per mile.

Dates: 26th, 27thJune & 29th August.

2. Stride and Glide Swim

Swim Speed: 35 to 45 minutes per mile.

Dates: 4th,10th July & 1st August.

3. Watch this Pace Swim

Swim Speed: 35 minutes per mile or faster.

Dates: 14th,15th & 28th August 

For your safety it is important to select the micro event that matches your swim speed

Our Coniston End 2 End micro events are our best value for money. These events are designed to give you the same experience as the mass events without being overwhelmed by hundreds of swimmers and those mass starts which can be off putting for some swimmers. All our  Coniston micro events have no more than 12 swimmers per event, making them special and unique. 


We provided both water safety cover to support and enable you to achieve your swim goal. Feed stations are given during each swim with Jelly Babies (both vegan and non vegan), Bananas and fluids. Should you wish to provide your own we can cater for this also.


At the end of your swim you will get a badge and a medal to show off to all your friends and family.