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Cold Water 121 Sessions.

We have had an amazing time delivering our 121 sessions. Meeting new swimmers and watching them develop and eating cake of course.

This year has been quiet diffrent to previous years, mainly due to the pandemic. However this has not stopped some peoples intrest into exploring cold water swimming and the health and wellbeing benefits associated with it.

We decided that we had to create a flexible and short 121 session so that swimmers could come along and learn all about the safety elements of cold water swimming.

From our cold water swim workshop we took specific topics from the programe and streamlined them to enable a total beginer completley new to open water swimming to understand the importance of safety.

Most of our clients had no experience of swimming in cold water before so we had to make it fun, enjoyable whilst at the same time educational.

Our clients had an amazing time (well thats what they told us 🤣🤣) during their session so much so they carried on with swimming throughout winter.

Some of our clients went from swimming for 2 - 5 mins to swimming upto 15mins. For a first winter swim season is quite amazing.

As we say to all our clients "knowing when to stop and get out if the water to swim another day is the key".

We hope that popularity within the open water swim community will continue to grow and develop for anyone to come along and enjoy.

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