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Cold Water Craze.

We have had a huge intrest in our cold water swimming one to one sessions. Its been a really exciting time for us at Triskeli Swims. Our passion and experience clearly shines through our delivery from the feed back we get from our clients.

We cover all the aspects necessary to get our clients informed and ready for swimming during the winter season. Our clients are often keen first season winter swimmers who book onto the sessions to gain a deeper understanding around the dangers associated with cold water.

The health and wellbeing benefits related to cold water swimming outweigh the potential dangers associated with cold water by far when you know and fully understamd how to assess and manage those potential dangers.

Imagine swimming in some of the most amazing swim spots in and around the UK. Surrounded by nature and its tranquility.

Want to join the craze?

Then why not send an email and start your winter swimming adventures with us at Triskeli Swims.

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