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Cold water workshop 11th January 2020

We are excited to be delivering our next cold water workshop in Elton sailing club which is based in Bury. This is an amazing place to hold our next worshop. With easy access to the water, showers, and kitchen facilities for hot drinks etc. Lots of parking to.

Our workshops give you a real insight into cold water swimming in open water. We cover various topics such as saftey, psychology, physiology and other topics.

We combine this with a swim (from theory to practice), taking what we have learned in the workshop to apply in the water.

Once we have had a swim we always have goodies to eat and drink afterwards. Our swimmers on the workshop have hot drinks, soup and roll, cake and flapjacks...

We always end our workshops with a medal and a certificate followed by a prize raffle draw which is quite exciting... so what are you waiting for? ..Get yourself booked onto one of our amazing workshops...

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