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Once more our Coniston Micro Events where affected by the nasty virus again. With seven swimmers pulling out of the event due to isolation regualtions, we where left with two swimmers on event day.

Here at Triskeli Swims where sad by the news and we appricated how much trainning swimmers had done prior to this event with the lack of swimming opportunities due to government locks downs.

Like an amazing swim business we are, again we continued with our Coniston micro event with just two amazing and excited swimmers.

Onto the private mini bus we go.

Chatting and comparing feeds on route.

Looking relaxed and ready to go go.

Of they go with a duo stride.

Leaving the south jetty, making way to peel island.

Conditions where great for most of the way.

Staying strong along the way.

You ladies make it looks so easy.

Time for personalised feeds.

Met by Mr Gull again.

Congratulations swimmers you smashed it!

Did I hear you say Windermere did you say next ladies?

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