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Elton Sailing Club Fun.

What an epic morning of fun we had.

What amazing people we met, who signed up for this adventurous fun packed morning. We learned lots about swimming in cold water and how to keep safe.

From theory to practice, it was time to put our new learnt skills to the test. We became very giddy and slight excited.

We had another bebrief before we got in the water, our adrenaline levels where kidding in.

One last debrief then we where in..

Time to get out even though we wanted to stay in we knew we had to be mindful of the afterdrop.

We laughed and chatted more about our experince once we had warmed up over lunch. We gladly recived our lovely certificate and medal.

What an epic morning we had.

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Sounds like you all had fun. Well done every one.

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