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Getting active for international women's day

This month Rebecca was invited by the very popular "When Women Gather" community group to deliver a talk on open water swimming to support their 2021 international women's day "The Wellbeing Weekender" project that is also combined with other free events. As they are a non profit community group that pride themselves on providing wellbeing and opportunities for all women Rebecca gladly jumped on board to support them.

This particular talk was supported by the Nottingham Women’s Centre, in line with celebrating International Women’s Day 2021. The events delivered by When Women Gather team are supported by various charities such as the National Lottery Community Fund, Groundwork, Comic Relief and the Arts Council England.

As a renowned open water swimmer, Rebecca discussed how the exploration of open water swimming can have a profound positive impact upon our daily wellbeing. In this workshop starts with a brief journey of her professional boxing days and the way this led into her swapping career paths into the world of open water swimming and developing Triskeli Swims. Linking the similarities from one sport to another and the way basic fundamentals can help each other. By challenging stereotypes along her journey which led her to become one of very few female boxers who fought on an all female professional show in1994.

During her talk Rebecca uses humor throughout her workshop to keep us all entertained

by using various topics and the basic fundamentals needed when starting out into open water swimming.

Topics covered during this workshops where as follows:

The Impact of open water swimming on mental wellbeing, including its health benefits.

How to get started; from taking a little dip to joining a network of swimmers.

What type of kit is needed and costing's.

Safety elements around open water swimming.

Reasons why so many women are exploring open water swimming.

At the end of the workshop Rebecca invites anyone who watches the video to contact her for any information women want to take up the sport by providing local groups within the UK and even international contacts to.

To watch this workshop please click the following link:

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