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Introduction To Open Water Swimming.

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Back by popular demand.

Our amazing introduction to open water sessions have gone down like a storm. There has been a big intrest over the past month by clients wanting to try open water within a safe environment.

Our 3rd and 17th July introduction to open water swimming session were booked up within 48hrs of publishing. We have decided to open up some more dates. We are now taking bookings for 24th July August.

We will be holding a few young people only sessions in August, dates are to follow. Our staff are fully insured, qualified and DBS checked so you can be rest assured you are in safe hands.

We feel its important to send the message out there to all news swimmers, either open water or wild swimmimg to grasp the basic undertandings around open water swimming and its mental/physical health benefits as well as how to spot the dangers.

Our sessions are informal and relaxed and delivered at a private lake. Although there is a lot of serious information to process we keep it fun. Once we get you in the water you will transfer the skills you have just learn.

So why not book a slot today and take that next step to becoming a safer open water swimmer.

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