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Kicking of the season in style.

We had a fantatsic start to this years open water season. We had many happy faces on our introduction to open water swimming session. Registeration began with caps and whistles given out with tow float too.

Learning all about open water swimming, how to stay safe, what dangers to look for, what kit to buy, its health benefits and more.

After the session it was time to get kitted up and head to the waters edge. Some where nervous which is very understandable and some where very excited.

In they got and started to experience the cold water shock. After a few moments they settled in and took part in a safety drill. Its knowing how to keep yourself safe for another swim as well as enjoyment.

So bring on the fun and of they swam..

What an amazing bunch of new swimmers, fully informed to be able to swim safe on their next swims. But time soon passes and ot was time tobget dressed.

After a debrief and hot chocolate and treats the swimmers where begining to feel great as the endorphins kicked in and happy faces where all glowing.

Dragging yer bezzy out to play along the way.

Our introductions to open water swimming are informative and very interactive. Should you wish to experience the joys and thrills of open water swimming then why not inbox us to find out more...

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