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New Epic Lake Coniston 4 Way Solo Challenge.

New for 2022 Coniston 4 way challenge!!

Yes thats right 4 ways!

Have you got what it takes to swim lake Coniston 4 ways? That's a total of 21 miles of pure EPIC swimming.

Skins or wetsuit we dont care a swimmer is a swimmer no matter what you wear.

Unlike Windermere there are no water jet skiers and the boat traffic is much less than Windermere.

Our 4 way 2022 challenge are running from the months of July to August only.

Great for channel swimming esp if you dont like night swimming, this challenge will build your confidence up.

Go solo or duo to make it more fun.

Duo are more fun..

We also do solo and two way Conistion swims to!

Please inbox to find out more about this amazing challenge.

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