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Our Micro Coniston E2E are back again!!

After the year we have had we all need something to look forward to dont we? Well hopefully our micro coniston end to end swim will be just what your after.

Last year we where able to run and deliver a few micro events to help support those of you who where desprate to swim Coniston.

With full covid measures and track & trace in place we where able to make that magic happen.

So whats new for this year I hear you say! Well we are.doing it all again with small group of upto 10 swimmers.

Making your Coniston swim more personal and less stressfull that some swimmers may experince on the bigger mass events. Our events are more personalised and tailored towards small groups.

All dates and prices will be going live this week on our website but for our app customers we are giving to a sneeky peek first. Remember there are only 10 places on each of the dates given.

Dates with swim speeds per mile.

26th, 27th June (30min a mile)

4th July (45 - 75min a mile)

14th, 15th August (45min a mile)

28th, 29th August (45min & 30min mile)

Time and all booking information will be live this Friday on the triskeli website.

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