Frequently asked questions

Do I have to pay for my booking in full?

Payments for the camps can be paid at anytime, however your final balance must be paid 10 weeks prior to your swim camp starting. You can call Triskeli swims at any time to make your final payment over the phone on +44 (0) 7368882788, or you may wish to choose our PayPal service.

Do I have to be an endurance swimmer to book onto one of your swim holidays?

Not at all, here at Triskeli swims we cater for all abilities. We have various swim camps that are tailored to swimmers' needs. We run both novice and endurance swim holidays that are very different. Because we focus more upon a personalised swim camp, your experience will be more action packed, fulfilled and personalised to you and your abilities.

Where can I make a booking?

You can call us direct on +44 (0) 7849 881623 anytime or by PayPal through our Triskeli swim website. Please note when booking you are required to pay a non-refundable 30% deposit to ensure your place on the camp.

Will I need travel insurance?

We strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance. Your insurance should include open water swimming and any other activities that you wish to take part in during your stay. Please feel free to contact one of our team should you need further information. offer a reasonable package for swimming open water.

Can family, friends and pets join me?

Of course, however non swimmers must sign up to our non swimmer agreement which is usually sent out via email at the time of booking. Please note that whilst non swimmers will be able to attend various destinations they will not be allowed on any of the safety crafts that are assisting swimmers in the water. At Triskeli swims we have access to various airports, train stations and ferry ports. This means that you are able to bring your pets with you on our selected pet friendly swim camps. However when booking please make sure you let the team know as we can only allow 4 animals per camp and not per person. All animals are to stay in the chalet accommodation as the main gite does not allow any animals. Please also note that during your swim camp your animal is your responsibility and not the responsibility of Triskeli swims and you will need pet insurance for your stay. Should you wish to speak to anyone regarding pet passports please contact your local vets or DEFRA - Pet travel scheme helpline on 0370 241 1710 (Monday to Friday 8.30am - 5pm).

What is included in my swim camp price?

Each camp includes a pick up and drop of service at specific ferry, train and airport locations. All transport to swim destinations during your stay. Each swim will have qualified experienced swim guides and saftey support during your camp. During your time in the water we have firm saftey measures in place to ensure one kayak support per two swimmers. Accommodation and food is included within your price. Food includes breakfast (continental style), lunch (a selection of cold treats and sandwiches, soup, hot and cold drinks) and dinner (three course meal that will include two different menu choices). Two glasses of wine with your evening meal. Please contact a member of our Triskeli team should you have special dietary requirements. You will receive a Triskeli goodie bag to welcome you upon arrival. Please note that travel to Brittany is not included within your price. Please contact a member of the Triskeli team should you need further advice or recommendations regarding flights or ferries to Brittany.

What is the average swim distance per day?

The average swim distance is dependant upon the swim camp you have choosen to book with us. Our novice swim camps have distances upto 6km per day. This distance is often split between the swims we do in a day. For instance on day 2 you may swim 2k in the morning then 4k in the afternoon, followed by a late night lake dip in which the choice is yours (please note this is only an example). Our endurance camps are designed to be more challenging and therefore we have upto 10k swims per day which include a one way swim of Brittany's biggest lake (similar size to lake Windermere). This camp also includeds a four and six hour sea swim. We also offer a six hour qualifer certificate on this camp at an extra cost.

Do I have to wear wetsuits during my swims?

Of course not. Here at Triskeli swims we want you to feel comfortable in the water. Every swimmer is different. Some swimmers prefer wetsuits and some swimmers prefer to swim in skins, the choice is yours. However if you are a novice and this is your first swim camp we recommend you bring a wetsuit for the longer swims. This will help you with temperature drops during your time in the water. The average water temperatures vary in Brittany. They range from 16c to 20c depending on whether it's a sea or lake swim. Please note that after the endurance swims (4 or 6 hour swim) you will need appropriate clothing such as a hat, warm clothes and suitable foot wear. It may be a sunny and warm day but your body will need time to adjust back to its normal core temperature.

My swim buddies and I swim at different speeds to each other - can we still come on a camp together?

If you are in a group of 3 swimmers of more and you want to come on the same camp despite different needs and abilities, contact us to arrange a special bespoke camp for your group.

If I cancel my booking will I get a refund?

Triskeli swims operate a no refund policy. However you are welcome to swap to another swim camp within the same year and country if spaces are available. For instance if you have booked a camp in Brittany and decide to swap camps then you are able to swap to another camp in Brittany and NOT Greece or Scotland. You must notify us at least 12 weeks before your swim camp, should you wish to change camp.