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2 Way Coniston for Jerrie.

Wow what a swim this was, smashing our 2 way Coniston swim.

With an early start to the day, the water was flat along the way. Not a soul in sight.

The mist started to fall and the swans woke up to the sound of a silent crawl.

Down came the mist, thick and spooky.

Visibility next to none, Rebecca the pilot put her skills into play.

Like a trooper she is, Jerrie carries on letting nothing stop her in her way.

Then out of the mist came Jerrie.

The mist started to lift for a clear and fresh day, making visibility easier for Jerrie.

Looking happy as first stetch nearly done and time to touch the jetty before she goes on her way back up the lake.

Of we go back up the lake.

Check out that gluide, still strong and steady. Not having to worry about lots of boat traffic makes this swim even more relaxing and special.

Joined by her swim buddy along the way, made this swim even more special.

Peel Island along the way.

Approaching the finish line and the sun came out to play.

A well deserved sit down rest with her best swim buddy.

Full of life and happy energy, you are swimmers to be inspired by ladies. Congratulations Jerrie on your EPIC 2 way solo Coniston swim.

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