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Wowser 17 year old James smashes Windermere.

This week we had the pleasure of meeting an incredible young called James and oh my what an amazing young swimmer he is.

James swam the full length of lake Windermere to raise funds to pay for his trip to Borneo in order to support the important work of the Semenggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre which is based in Borneo.

What an amazing and kind thing to do. You can check out the project via his chairty donation link at the end of this blog.

We set off from the south end of the lake with a forcast of nothing but wind wind wind.

But luckley the weather was kind for James and the wind did not pick up until later on in the day.

A nice suprise wave from the family along the way kept James relaxed and happy during his swim.

Tourist boats came close to cheer James on, clapping their hands at his amazing swimming performance.

A few waves to make the swim even more enjoyable after half way mark.

Making a bee line towards the end, James pulls out his super power from no where to increase his speed.

What an amazing and warm welcome James had from all his beautiful family at the end of his swim.

What an inspirational, incredible young man and amazing swimmer.

We wish you all the best james on your adventures. If you would like to support James please feel free to make a donation by clicking on the link below:

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