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Selene swims one way Coniston, day after completing her Windermere swim.

What an incredible swimmer this lady is. After swimming the full lenth of Windermere she swam an extra 1k for her 365 charity challenge.

The next day she decided to swim Coniston and guess what? You guessed it right, she swam another 1k after her swim.

How EPIC and AMAZING is that!!!

The 365 Sea Swim Challenge is based on swimming 365 consecutive days, 52 weeks. What an awsome challenge!!

Always full of happy energy.

Selene says swimming EVERY day was a big commitment, especially around work & family . She started the 365 challenge in winter, so it was darker & colder which added more excitment to the challenge.

I’m no stranger to a CHALLENGE & will not be beaten! Says Selene.

All money raised will be split between two local causes – The 365 Legacy Fund (Shoalstone Pool & the Seal Sanctury) and also the Plainmoor Pool, Torquay which is a charity run pool.

You can find out all about her swim by clicking on the link below. Please feel free to help an amazing swimmer to raise more funds for these much needed charities.


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