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Coniston Micro Swims

The first of our micro Coniston swims this year nearly did not happen (cliff hanger).

We recieved a telephone call from the group leader the night before that the group who had booked on had to self islolate due to regulations.

This was devastating news for us at Triskeli Swims. We had to quickly consider wether to pull the plug on the micro swim event or to continue as a solo for the remaining client.

After considering our clients trainning schedule for this swim and weekend hotel fees paid etc we decided it would be unfair for her not to swim and miss out.

We decided rather than refere Sophie and book her onto another of our micro swims we would treat her and upgrade to a solo package instead.

What an amazing swimmer Sophie is.

We where so happy to guide her along Coniston. Every feed, every stop she was glowing so much with joy and happiness. Pure joy to be part of her team.

Right to the end Sophie was still full of smiles and happiness.

Sophie congratulations and you ROCK.

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