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We are good to go swimmers...

At long last we are able to get back to some form of normality after the lockdown. We realised that quiet a few of you have missed out on some endurance traininng over the loch down. So we wondered how we could help our swimmers.

We came up with the idea of giving our Triskeli swimmers a budget post corona Coniston swim.

We decided to call these our Triskeli micro swim events which are for eight swimmers only with diffrent swim speeds in each of the three events. This means no mass starts, more personalised experince and a special bond with your fellow swimmers. We wanted to included all the treats and special memories like you get with all the major swim events. So we planned our micro events to include transport to the start line, full safety cover, feeds during your swim, warm drink after your swim and a medal at the end to say you have smashed it. All this at a bargain price of £45.00. NOW that is a BARGAIN bag this offer click on the following link and choose your swim speed from the three events.

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